Carless Days

Hands up who remembers carless days?  Back in 1979 laws were passed meaning you could not use your car on particular days, as denoted by a windscreen sticker.  A more historically complete account can be found here.  For some ‘everyday’ cyclists, everyday is a carless day, and for others it is something they enjoy on their days off, or whilst on holiday.  Sometimes households challenge themselves to go ‘car-free’ for a day a week, and others just sell the car and get on with it.  Other families experience ‘transport poverty’ whereby they don’t have access to a car because of health, financial or other reasons.  For them, biking is not so much a lifestyle choice as a necessity.

No matter what our approach, one thing we all have in common is a need for some decent bike parking whilst we go about our business by bike.   So let’s make BikesWelcome for all!

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