7 Reasons to make your business bike friendly

“Expand your customer base and increase employee / customer satisfaction”.

Cycling is an excellent means to incorporating exercise into daily work and leisure routines. As our communities become more integrated, businesses will want to take advantage of this growing demographic of cyclists by ensuring infrastructure for optimal bike-parking—which can expand an existing customer base and improve employee satisfaction.

Still not convinced? Here’s 7 reasons why your commercial space needs to be bike-friendly.  Adapted from: Make Your Business Bike-Friendly | Bicycle Parking & Storage by the US company Reliance Foundry.

1. Growing demographics

See those bikers riding by your storefront? If you don’t have adequate accommodations, they’ll keep on riding. With unprecedented investment from Govt and Councils, bike lanes and cycle trails are getting built.  Bike commuting is a growing trend among New Zealand’s largest urban centers, and not only are riders more likely to frequent local businesses, but with all the money they save on petrol, maintenance and parking, they’re also likely to have more disposable income to burn.

2. Contribute to your community

Cities are becoming more integrated, encouraging a range of alternative modes for transportation. But there’s only so much that public support can offer. Businesses play a huge role in shaping the culture and lifestyles in their local neighborhoods. From supporting reduced carbon emissions and healthier lifestyles, businesses can demonstrate strong leadership in supporting proper infrastructure.

Ring-style bike racks beside protected bike lane
Bike racks complement other investments in biking and active transport

3. Be seen as an innovator

Image is everything for businesses. Companies need to demonstrate they’re on top of the latest trends. Businesses can show they’re a leader in supporting progressive shifts to more responsible lifestyles by demonstrating their commitment to alternative modes of transportation. Standard bike parking is a start, but consider allocating space indoors for more protected storage or setting up an on-street bike station with tire pumps, tools and watering station. Fully-enclosed bike lockers also provide top-level security for longer-term parking.

4. Healthy employees are happy employees

And happy employees take less sick days and are more productive. Cycling is a vigorous cardiovascular activity that helps keep us active and healthy, reducing risk of heart disease and diabetes. It also keep us physically fit and can improve mental health. Encouraging healthy lifestyles through cycling is a win-win situation for managers and employees.

5. Increase parking capacity at little cost

Motor-vehicle parking can require some serious real estate, not to mention adequate road access. Bikes are more versatile and take up much less space, which means more opportunities to integrate accommodations into a commercial space. A single bike rack can offer parking for multiple bikes and can often be placed in a convenient location with prime access to a building entrance.

Bike bollards affixed to concrete tile
Bike bollards in well lit locations

6. Optimize space

Without proper infrastructure, business-owners might find cyclists parking in un-wanted spaces, chaining their bikes to trees, fences, railings or other site furnishings. This can lead to damage or obstructions to pedestrian or road traffic. Preemptive planning ensures more efficient use of space to accommodate a greater range of uses.

7. Community support

With growing popularity comes greater support. Councils may offer assistance for businesses looking to increase bike parking at their locations. Advocacy groups and local government can help plan—and in some situations, help implement – bike parking.

Original Source: Make Your Business Bike-Friendly | Bicycle Parking & Storage from an original post from US company Reliance Foundry.

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