Case Study: Bike Friendly Business Districts

Bike Long Beach (CA, USA) have a ‘Bicycle Friendly Business District’ program among their bike friendly business kete.  They make the business benefits clear, support their bicycle friendly businesses and help them request bike parking.  Here’s what they say about their program:
Promoting bicycling is a valuable and cost-effective strategy to improve a business’ bottom line.

“There is a proven “bike local, buy local connection” as most bike trips are shorter, slower and more likely to create greater awareness of a neighborhood’s surroundings. More people bicycling means there also are literally more “feet on the street,” making an area safer and friendlier and attracting more people and more customers! And by converting some of the area’s drivers to bicyclists, car parking opens up for driving customers.

Bicycle Friendly Business Districts (BFBD’s) receive a listing and map location on the Bike Long Beach website, as well as additional exposure through the website’s Bike Saturdays discount program which offers bicyclists a discount or deal every Saturday at more than 150 businesses.”

Bike Saturday
Bike Saturdays: Users can search the website by district for a listing of ‘Bike Saturdays’ businesses who offer discounts or perks on Saturdays to bike users.

BFBD’s may post bicycle-related events on the Bike Long Beach events calendar.  Bike parking is identified as a key enabler / concern for businesses wanting to attract cycling customers.  In Long Beach, businesses may request a bike rack or bike corral by using the form on their website, which enables businesses or public to request a bike rack, with an amazing range of designs to choose from.  Love it!

A BFB might offer discounts to people travelling by bicycle, bicycle-themed promotions, bicycle-friendly amenities, benefits to employees who bicycle, or other incentives.

And in summing it up: April Economides says about Bike Friendly Business Districts:

It get’s to the heart of creating everything that’s needed for a healthy community

Check out what else she has to say about the business and community benefits in this video:

Read more at the source: Bike Friendly Businesses | Bike Long Beach  and more about the concept in Momentum Mag’s post on Bicycle Friendly Business Districts.

Here are some more examples:

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A full report containing case studies and examples from Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Long Beach, as well as USA National and State programs

More examples from the USA

Where would you like to see a Bikes Welcome Business District?  Would you like to help make it happen?  Comment or get in touch.

Rochester Minnesota Bicycle Friendly Business Logo

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