Everything you wanted to know about Bike Parking…..

Austroads has published a report to guide the design and installation of bicycle parking facilities and end-of-trip facilities. You can download it here.


The report provides recommendations and principles as well as examples of best-practice facility design. The report also highlights common mistakes and suggests ways to improve flawed designs.

Bicycle parking is an important part of developing infrastructure to support the use of bicycles, particularly for transport purposes.

More people are choosing to use the bicycle as a general means of transport. Interest is particularly strong over short trips and in areas where competing modes of transport are expensive, congested, inefficient or unreliable. This increase in bicycle use increases the demand for bicycle parking and related end-of-trip facilities. When executed well, bicycle parking investment not only meets current demand, but can stimulate an increase in cycling use.

This report provides information that allows owners, managers, designers and installers to:

  • understand the benefits of installing bicycle parking
  • consider special issues that apply to the provision of bicycle parking for various applications
  • gain familiarity with the various product types on the market and how they may be utilised
  • assess and meet bicycle parking demand over the lifespan of a bicycle parking installation
  • choose the appropriate location for bicycle parking
  • design appropriate access to the bicycle parking facility
  • plan and design the internal layout of a bicycle parking facility to provide easy and safe access to bicycles
  • plan and design the surrounding building features such as walls, floors, corridors and lighting
  • plan and design end-of-trip facilities such as showers, lockers and change facilities
  • operate the facility on a day-to-day basis.

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