Why be boring

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Bike parking doesn’t have to be boring.  Of course it is essential that it is functional, but why stop there? 

It can be colourful

It can be quirky

It can make a statement about your brand or product

It can make a statement about bike use

It can be clever, creative and inspiring

It can be beautiful, local and original

And it can roll with the times, and cater for different bikes, like cargo and e-bikes

So if you are shopping for bike parking, think outside the square (or hoop,  or staple, or toast rack….).  Our Kiwi bike parking suppliers have awesome can-do attitudes and can get  a design made up for you.  Just make sure you get the right balance of form and function.

What makes a good bike rack?

  • It supports the frame (not just the wheels)
  • The bike is well supported in more than one point of contact (so it doesn’t ‘dance’ around it’s support)
  • It enables secure locking (of frame to immovable object)
  • There is enough space between bikes (for access and avoiding damage)
  • There is enough parking provided
  • It doesn’t obstruct or impact the safety of other users of the space
  • It is an area with passive or active surveillance (to avoid theft of accessories/bikes)
  • It is convenient (you can just rock up, find it, and park your bike)
  • It looks like bike parking (so not so artistic that it can’t be recognised!)
  • Undercover is rather nice, if possible

Thankfully the folk at Austroads have broken all this down into lots of detail, so if you like details or need them, here they are in all their glory.  Everything you wanted to know about Bike Parking…..

Position counts

When you install bike parking, the position really matters….. that way it will be correctly used and make your investment of time and money worthwhile.  The guide published by Austroads will steer you in the right direction.

These hoops are a great design, but are installed too close to the wall.  The bike’s frame is not supported

How do you find good bike racks?

Great question.  Check out these suppliers.  Remember if you are going to invest in bike parking, do it once and do it right.  Otherwise you might be disappointed when it is not used or complained about….

wheel benders are kind of like giving dead flowers.  It might be the thought that counts…. but it won’t win you any love.

3 thoughts on “Why be boring

  1. Those hoop bike stands are useless, they don’t support your bike very especially if the bike has a basket. Also if the bike moves or gets bumped the hard edges will scratch the frame. It really sad to see this type promoted on and links to businesses advertising them on your website. My local supermarket has several of these stands, people with nice bikes to lock them to a downpipe or a nearby tree, I always lock my bike in their foyer just to make a point.


    1. Thanks for your feedback. Which hoops don’t you like? The ones with the circle on top of a short pole; or the cycle hoop style attached to an existing post. It is really good to get this kind of feedback so please keep it coming. (I can’t try every type of rack/bike combo so feedback is really useful).


      1. Anything less than 80cm across is not going support the bike very well.

        The Heading picture with green stands is a good example of poor design.

        The multi coloured stands in the picture below on the left.

        The Paper clip stands.

        Ice cream cone stands

        And worst of all the hoop stands too close to the wall and the stand I was referring to in my previous message. If fact how they are shown too close to a wall is the best way to install them no chance they are going to damage your frame


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