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What’s wrong with my bike rack?

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the rack itself, but is it correctly installed and well located / positioned?

Position counts

When you install bike parking, the position really matters….. that way it will be correctly used and make your investment of time and money worthwhile.

These hoops are an okay design, but are installed too close to the wall. The bike’s frame is not supported.  They also have hard edges which could damage a bike frame and would be improved by a rubber coating or cover.

The guide published by Austroads will steer you in the right direction.  They have a standard set of measurements called the bicycle spacing envelope.



Installation needs to be secure.  A bike rack that is not securely fastened could be removed, damaged or repositioned inappropriately.  A professional installation should also ensure the correct positioning of the rack, but it is best to pay close attention to the process.  Installation can cost more than the rack itself, so it pays to get it right first time!


The best located bike racks are:

  • As close to the front entrance as possible (visitor parking)
  • Level / safe access (without having to navigate the depths of the carpark)
  • Visible – to provide passive security
  • Monitored – to provide more active security
  • In a well lit location
  • If possible, under cover
  • Out of the way of car doors, disabled access, pedestrians, signage, etc.
  • Not too close to bus and taxi stands or anywhere people queue
  • Allow enough space for other users to navigate, including mobility scooters, prams, wheelchairs, and shopping trolleys
  • Clearly marked as bike parking

Workplace, Education, and Residential bike parking have a different set of characteristics and these can be found in the Austroads guide; and your district plan may (or may not!) provide guidance.  (Note that district plan provisions may not reflect best practice, so refer to the Austroads guide to be sure)

Located in the bowels of the carpark, so even if you know it is there, it is hard to find, and a candidate for bike theft

Good bike racks aren’t hard to find

A good bike rack:

  • supports the frame (not just the wheel)
  • allows secure locking

Where do  you find them? Great question.  Check out these suppliers.  Remember if you are going to invest in bike parking, do it once and do it right.  Otherwise you might be disappointed when it is not used or complained about….

Wheel benders are kind of like giving dead flowers.  It might be the thought that counts…. but it won’t win you any love.


For more on what makes good bike parking, and what doesn’t check out:

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