Developing the Bikes Welcome Campaign

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After our successful Bikes Welcome Pledge Me crowd-funding campaign, we are currently focused on developing the tools for the Bikes Welcome ‘toolkit’.

CAN Do Bikes Welcome Session

noun_dutch-bicycle_747763 2Gearing Up

The main efforts will be in:

  • Copy writing and designing an ‘invitation’ that will entice businesses to find out more about becoming a Bikes Welcome Business and facilitating good bike parking.
  • Deciding on a great design for a ‘Bikes Welcome Business’ window stickers
  • Creating a new Bikes Welcome website that supports an online business directory of Bikes Welcome Businesses, as well as e-vites (electronic invitations to businesses).

The main expenditures will be:

  • Printing postcards and stickers, as well as design costs
  • Website hosting and platform fees
  • Postage

noun_tandem_138952Rolling on out:

Once we’ve got the tools sorted, we will need the people to use them.  That includes:

noun_welcome-arms_538753Bike Users – Bikes Welcome Ambassadors

To invite their favourite businesses to become Bikes Welcome businesses, or nominate businesses that already meet the requirements.

noun_join_118840Local Champions

Local champions are a key point of contact for their area.  They help by:

  • Recruiting bike users from within their networks and the general public (we can provide posters and other materials to help with this).
  • Signing up the first Bikes Welcome Businesses in their area (so we have some content and momentum for our online directory: positive peer pressure!)
  • Helping collect information from their local council for local area pages.

noun_bicycle-love_780958Getting Involved

There are other ways you can support Bikes Welcome too.  In particular we are always keen to engage with local funding and promotion opportunities via community boards, business associations etc.  Bikes Welcome could help with tools and ideas for projects such as:

  • Bikes Welcome Business Districts
  • Shop by Bike campaigns
  • Love-bombs (where you show local businesses just how much bike users use and love them)
  • Submissions / campaigns regarding bike parking.
  • Contacts: do you know anyone high in the ranks at a chain of supermarkets? An industrial design academic? a bike parking manufacturer? council or local authority staff who’d love to work together to improve bike parking?


noun_32727 emailIf you want to be one of Bike’s Welcomes first ambassadors, a local contact or be involved in anyway, please get in touch.

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