Some bike rack designs are suited to specific applications and situations, or may work in combination with the inverted-U design.

Vertical (hanging)

  • Useful in residential and workplaces in addition to floor based parking. (note 1).
  • Ensure the bike can be securely locked to the wall
Wall mounted bike racks
Wall Mounted Bike Racks with locking point.

Note 1: Two Tier and vertical bike parking require the user to lift their bike.  Not all users or bikes are suited to lifting (e.g. heavier ebikes). Because of this, upper-tier or vertical bike parking should only be used where space saving is required, and for â…“ of the supply or racks/stands, with preference given to floor mounted bike parking wherever possible.

Specially designed space saver for narrow footpath has a ramped channel for relative ease of parking (Palo Alto, California)

Triathlon Style Racks

  • Useful for short-stay event bike parking when bikes will be secured by patrols or locked compounds.
  • Using a ticket system provides extra security
  • More suited to sports bikes
Triathlon style racks

Two Tier

  • Useful in residential and workplace situations where ground level parking is also provided.
  • The design should include a ‘lift assist’ mechanism
  • Space-saver
Two-tier bike parking

Hitching Rails

  • A rail securely mounted to a wall, either horizontally or vertically can provide an adequate support and locking point for a bicycle for short stay parking.
  • Particularly useful when there is insufficient path or frontage space for the preferred Inverted U design.
Wall mounted locking point
Wall mounted ‘hitching’ rail


  • Using a parking space to install bike parking either temporarily on a moveable platform, or permanently in-ground
Parklet / coral


  • A secure locker designed to accommodate a single bike is a good long stay bicycle parking option particularly for transit hubs or residential situations.  
  • A visually permeable design is better for crime prevention.
Visually permeable lockers

Post mounted bike hoops

  • Care must be taken that the post is securely fixed and cannot be lifted out of the ground easily
  • Ensure ‘door zone’ of adjacent parked cars is avoided
Bike hoop – post mounted hoop with secure fixings

Modified Wheel-benders

  • Suitable for short-stay visitor parking e.g. cafes, medical centres.  Also good for schools.
  • Disadvantage: the bays are often spaced very closely limiting user access and increasing risk of damage to bikes.  Because of this it is hard to fill them to the stated capacity.
Modified Wheel-benders have additional support added to support the frame and provide additional locking points.