Everyday cycling is the kind of biking you do when you are just going about your normal everyday life.

It is not about cycling everyday or everywhere.  It is about choosing to use your bike for some trips.

Using your bike for running errands, catching up with friends, popping to the shops, heading to a meeting or warming up on the way to the gym or sports.

It is not about being sporty or super-fit, although it certainly is healthy.

It is not about speed, although sometimes it is quicker than driving.

It is not about lycra: everyday clothes are fine for everyday cycling.

For everyday cyclists, it is about lattes rather than lycra, and spending rather than speed.  For bike commuters it is about getting some exercise as well as avoiding traffic and parking hassles, and the unpredictability of public transport.

More on Everyday Cycling

Why cycle for transport?

Everyday cycling can help you achieve:

Better health – without the cost of a gym membership

Physical activity is important to health, and cycling is a great way to get active, and turn your driving time into active time.

Better Quality of Life

Bike friendly cities are more vibrant, connected, social and offer a higher quality of life.  It is all about being out there, in our own neighbourhoods, making eye contact and saying hello.  It is about spending time and money locally.  It is about easy parking and avoiding queues of traffic.  It’s good.

Better Environment

Everyone will benefit from the cleaner air, less fuel to import, reduced costs of climate change, better traffic flow on the roads and quieter streets, even those who don’t ride bikes themselves.

What is #quaxing?

Quaxing refers to using your bike for everyday tasks like shopping.

Read the definition and origins of the term.

Read How #quaxing Became a Rallying Call for Everyday Cyclists

Great websites for everyday biking

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New Zealand Resources:

New Zealands Cycling Action Network (CAN) – making it better by bike

Bike Auckland – For better biking in Auckland

Greater Auckland (formerly known as Transport Blog) – transport and urban form in Auckland

Cycle Aware Wellington – news and views from the capital

Te Ara NZ Encyclopaedia Cycling Pages

Go Ride – NZ resources particuarly for women and families

The official road code for cyclists from NZTA and NZTA’s Cycling Pages

Tips for riding Electric Bikes from the NZTA

NZ Cycle Trail official Website – for planning adventures large and small.

Bicycle Junction – Home of the best everyday cycling gear in NZ

International Resources:

Momentum Magazine – Great online guides and blog about transport biking (USA based)

Treehugger Bikes Section – stories and ideas about biking sustainably.

BikeyFace – for some humour with intent

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Think global, bike local.  We can help you connect with your local council or local biking group.