A ‘wheel-bender’ is a bike rack that only supports the parked bike via part of the wheel, creating a very real risk of damage.

A good bike rack supports the bikes at two points.

Without support for the frame of the bike, all the bikes weight rests on the wheel rim and spokes, or the brake disc.   These are sometimes called ‘old school’ bike racks, and they may have worked better when bikes were made of steel and everyone had the same size wheels, and probably didn’t worry too much about locking their bike.

Examples of Wheel-benders

What’s the fuss?

  1. It can damage the bike’s wheel or disc brake, especially if the bike is knocked.
  2. It makes it harder to lock your bike securely
  3. There are many different tyre widths, and not all will fit into the standardised ‘slots’.
To lock your bike securely, you need to pass the lock through an immoveable object (the bike rack) and a non-removable part of your bike (the frame).   See Lock it or Lose it

Making do

Even though bike users are a canny lot, and often find improvised bike parking, the problem is that improvised bike parking can cause safety problems for pedestrians or staff, or block access to your business.

Improvised IMG_8424

What makes a GOOD bike rack?

The right design of rack, correct located, positioned and installed. ┬áHere’s what you need to know: